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Hey Mary

David Martinez
David Martinez/Leroy Miller


Hey Mary Chorus Hey Mary ran away today, she took a bus from Alabama all the way to LA She was a small town girl with a big city dream and nothing else mattered so it seemed Hey Mary there’s a price to pay, what you gonna owe on judgment day It’s hard to get it back once you’ve thrown it all away Verse 1 She grew up fast and had to be tough and the love she got was never enough Living at home she was out of place, so she packed her dreams in her old suitcase As she walked out the front door, the life she knew would be no more. Like a cyclone out of control, she took a step into the unknown Chorus Verse 2 Majik’s trick was selling flesh and what Mary had was something fresh Till he turned out to a John named Phil, who locked her up in his house on the hill. This fairytale had yet to discover, you can’t always judge a book by its cover The final chapter of this tragic story, she caught him in bed with a teenage boy Chorus Bridge (Instrumental) Verse 3 She tried to make it legit but could never follow through, so now she’s back on the streets cause it’s all she ever knew When she looks in the mirror she feels so ashamed but there’s only really one person to blame All she ever wanted was to be loved, Mary and tragedy fit like a glove Like Peg Etwistle back in ‘32, she spread her wings and like a bird she flew Chorus Written by David Martinez and Leroy Miller ©2010 David Martinez Music (BMI)