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David Martinez
David Martinez


Salvation Verse 1 - Life goes by as we walk on air Think of life’s truth and dare’s Vision in my head Laughter rings through the walls As I sit at night and watch the stars My dreams take my breath away Chorus 1 – Then I see the pain Falling through Everything feels so strange Can’t fight this feeling in my head Then I think of times rearranged And all of life’s helpless days Please take my grief away Verse 2 – Now I take a breath as I see The raindrops fall all over me Can’t think of myself no more Then a drifter walks though my path Takes his time sits and laughs Where was the pain that I felt Chorus 2 – There’s more to life than meets the eye Everything so clear now As I let this grief out of my soul Then I take a turn and think it out Jump up and run around I feel my soul again Bridge – And I know I’ll make it As I see the wind blow my pain away (Solo) Verse 3 – Your life is what you make of it Pick it up and run with it Don’t fall out again Final Chorus Just let it in and save your breath Take it in without stress Go on with yourself Blow My Pain Away!