2009: Year In Review David Martinez Band

This year has been filled with highs and lows, but definitely more highs than lows. Since 2006, I had a fire lit in me to get the music out and to take it to a higher level with each performance. After recording the debut record in the summer of 2007, I thought it would be easy to put a band together, but that was met with lots of trials and tribulations. Fast forward to 2009, now The David Martinez Band is in place and going strong. We have Joseph Flores on lead guitar, Johnny Ramos Jr. on drums and percussion, and Johnny Mitchell on bass guitar. Each player is phenomenal in a sense that they each bring their own identity to the music that is on the record and I feel grateful to have these guys for we are a family. We must also send shout outs to our supportive families and Eduardo Garza Jr, Nicholas Martinez, Felipe Valdez, Mark Arispe for helping us out with our shows. John Paul, we haven’t forgot about you either and we thank you for your tremendous enthusiasm and support. In January of this year, we played a CD release show at Disc Go Round and that was our first taste in front of a crowd. We then had the fortunate luck of landing a gig opening for Bob Schneider. That gig helped expose The David Martinez Band sound to people who hadn’t heard of us. We then had the fortunate opportunity to work with Russell Sanders from April till September. Rusty is a great human being with a special heart and we cherished our time with him including his faith in God, his loyalty to his family, and his commitment to the band. We played some great shows together this year, including our first gig in Austin, Texas at Momo’s. Thank You Rusty!!!! We then got great news and found out we were one out of four bands picked to play the legendary KLRU studios in Austin, Texas for Land Shark Lager’s Battle of the Bands 2009. Playing that stage was an overwhelming honor due to the legends that have graced that stage. You walk into the place and you see the photos of Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Johnny Cash, Etta James, and many more. Not to mention, Pearl Jam had graced that stage less than a week before. The people from Rhapsody, Land Shark, and Austin City Limits crew were amazing and their hospitality went beyond the level we expected. We got to play with other great Texas acts that included Rabbit’s Got The Gun, Brittnee Belt, and Inner Frequency. In the end, a great band from Minneapolis, MN, Chester Bay took the grand prize. Even though we came in 9th, we were the only small market band to play any of these events and we will always cherish the time we had to participate in an event like this. Look for footage from this event in 2010. We spent the remainder of the year doing some acoustic shows and perfecting new songs that have been written. We plan to have about 25 songs in the arsenal and 90 percent of them being original. We would also like to thank Peter Hay of Twin Vision out of NYC for helping us get the word out. As a result, you can hear The David Martinez Band in markets across the country. As for 2010, we are looking at big things and we know that it will even be a better year than 2009. Plans for the New Year include getting on the festival circuit, as well as attending a few conferences to expose the band to a broader range of people. We also plan on heading back to Los Angeles and working with Leroy Miller on a new record. I have grown so much as a musician and the band has grown and added their own blend to the music. We look forward to getting out and playing more gigs and building on the relationships we have built over the past couple of years. Thank you to everyone who made this a great year for The David Martinez Band Thank You David Martinez, Johnny Ramos, Joseph Flores, Johnny Mitchell

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