Grandpa, I Will Miss You Forever

Photobucket On Friday, October 29th, my family and I lost a man who I will always hold in high regards, my grandfather, Cayetano Aguirre Martinez. He was born on August 7, 1922 and was a dedicated family man. I admired this man because of his bravery in serving the Second World War and his work ethic. I have taken these virtues and have tried to instill them into my life the best I can. I’m up here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as a semi-finalist in a songwriting contest for the Texas Independent Music Expo and readying myself for a solo acoustic performance tomorrow night at Opening Bell Coffee. I think of all I have accomplished over the last four years as a musician and the people I have built special relationships with and then I go into my mind and know none of this would be possible without my family, including my grandparents who played an instrumental role. I can remember as a child, Gramps would work all day then come home and work around the house. I was probably pretending to be Ace Frehley and putting on a Kiss show on the front porch or climbing up something. I would sing “Do You Love Me” and he stand there and look at me and smile. Those things you sometimes take for granted, but as I reflect, they meant the world and told me in my mind, keep doing what you are doing. I remember the stories he told me of growing up during the Great Depression and how he had to start working at 11 years old to help the family put food on the table. 11 years old!! He never complained, blamed anyone, and just kept paving the way to build the best for his family. This is something you can’t put a price on. As I take a deeper look into it, I find I do the same thing in my life. People praise me; some people tell me they are not interested in my work. One thing I do know is that I’m going to keep singing my song. You can try and squash my dreams but the only one that can stop me is myself. I think of a song I wrote called “The Otherside”. The Chorus states, “I stop myself from being what I want to be/the obstacles are around I should go over them/then I’ll see what’s on the other side/I can keep on chasing/What is mine.” It sounded kind of cliché at first, but then I thought, this is ME. I am standing in my way. Gramps came to mind and I kept the words. I’m glad I did because there are tons of people who have written me and have let me know what those lines mean to them. It astonishes me, but I believe we all need that push, God knows I did. I guess all I’m really trying to say is that I miss my Grandfather with all my heart and I have felt very vulnerable since his passing. I thought I could handle it and keep going on with my daily life, but then it hit me hard. I know I will get stronger as time goes on because that is the only way he would have it. I still can’t help myself to feel sad, but as I move forward, I will always carry him in my heart. He and my Grandmother are one of the major reasons why I am the man I am today. Whether, it is my undergrad or graduate degrees or the fact that I have a career working as a teacher or a career as a musician. Gramps would still tell me, you can do more and I do and I will use my music to spread positive vibes to this world. Dear Grandpa, Thank you for all you have done for me in my life and know that all your teachings and beliefs have been taken and will be passed to people who come across me in my life. I love you and Grandma with all my heart and I’m glad you are now with her. God bless and Rest In Peace. Love David